Saturday, 12 July 2014

Becoming a 29 year old nothing

Today I turned 29.

It was pretty uneventful.  I've had a busy couple of days, so I felt tired and lazy.  Usually I am very excited on my birthday and make lots of plans to see lots of friends, but being the single one in my group of coupled up friends meant that I just didn't feel like it this year.  This sounds like I feel a bit more miserable about this than I actually am.  I had a very lovely lunch with my mum then came home for a nap - talk about old!

We had wine.  Yum :)  This picture is from my instagram #fmsphotoaday challenge - interior.

Last year on my birthday I started a diary.  I saw The Happiness Project on Amazon and chose it as a gift :)  I have kept it up for the last year (we'll ignore the fact that sometimes I spend an hour reading back over text messages and checking facebook and instagram trying to remember what I did last Tuesday) and I am very proud of this achievement.  Sometimes, though, a line isn't enough to write down all my loving thoughts for the day (I have the tendency to be very cheesy).  Also, sometimes I want to have a wee rant about things, and a diary about happiness isn't really the place.  Enter blog.

So, I'm not yet sure what the exact purpose of my blog will be yet.  But expect my general ramblings.

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