Thursday, 17 July 2014

7 things I can't

Go to bed early.  Every night, I decide to go to bed early.  "Imagine how refreshed I'll feel tomorrow", I tell myself.  "Imagine how much I'll achieve."  The next thing I know, I've used up all my lives on Candy Crush (on my phone and my computer, and still not completed the damn level), stalked some people on Facebook who I have one mutual friend with, worked out which Disney Prince I should hook up with by completing a Buzzfeed quiz and found the weird part of YouTube, again.  If I had no internet, maybe I'd sleep...


My kindle.  Still.  Last time I had it was November.  I think I might have left it on a plane or a bus, but I'm not ready to give in to the fact that it's gone yet.  Nor am I ready to hunt for it...I am fairly happy imagining that it's living happily in a secret (lost) place in my house thinking about books that I might want to read.  Thanks, Kindle :)


Percentages.  Mortgages.  How planes stay up in the air.  That time travel thing in the third Harry Potter book.  Car insurance.  Any kind of insurance.  Where all my money goes each month.  People who get up at 5am to exercise.  Why they make liquorice flavoured jelly beans.  (Not the people who get up early to exercise.  The people who make jelly beans.)

Only delicious flavours need apply.

Commuting.  It makes me grumpy.  I am generally a fairy happy sort of gal, but put me in a car to get across town during rush hour and I turn into a rage machine.  I tend to not be happy unless I have beeped my horn at least once.  Good job I don't have to drive to work, huh?


Taking my car to work (I know).  Biting my nails.  Using the word 'like' as an irrelevant addition to sentences.    Fidgeting (there is currently a clothes peg in my mouth, because I can't type and hold it in my hand.)  

Anything, when given a choice.  I usually don't mind.  I'm not indecisive.  I just don't mind as much as I expect other people to mind.  And I will tell you so.  If I do mind, you'll know all about it.

Crying at cheesy things.  Not sad things.  The Notebook?  I'm cool.  Titantic?  Whatever. That bit in Cheaper By The Dozen 2 when the wee tomboy comes out dressed in girly clothes?  Tears.  Any movie where the main character does something lovely and everyone claps and cheers?  Sobbing.  Don't ever watch a movie with me.  Or make me talk about this in real life.

So cheesy.  Love it.

In case you're wondering, I broke the clothes peg.


  1. I like to think jelly beans actually are BB every flavour beans that have been bought in bulk for the muggle market ;-)

    1. I like this thought :) Thanks for my first ever blog comment - when I'm famous, I'll think of you ;)